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Every business is different and requires its own unique identity, uniforms should be custom-made to your specific needs. A fashionable, well-designed custom uniform is the next step for improving your business

Fabric Construction
Most fabrics are wither plain- wave or twill-wave. Plain weaves feature miniature squares along the fabric surface and with twills, you can actually see diagonal lines. Typically,  twill weaves are heavier than plain weaves.


A unicellular, natural fibre that grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Cool, soft, comfortable, the principal clothing fibre of the world.

The generic name for man-made fibre noted for its strength, lightness, wrinkle-resistance, wear ability and quick-drying properties. Often used in blends, using the best characteristics of both fabrics. Widely used for jacket, sportswear, pants, overcoat & uniform.

Customize Shirt 定制T恤

Customize Shirt 定制T恤

Corporate Uniform 公司制服

Zip Shirt 拉链衬衫

Collar Shirt 衬衫

Round Neck Uniform 圆领制服


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